Aishwarya on Femina Cover!

18 06 2010

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I’m not seeing Deepika:Ranbir Kapoor

12 06 2010

Ranbir Kapoor squashes the Deepika–Katrina rumours and still believes in the old-fashioned concept of love. Filmfare gets the real picture

All the A-list directors want to work with you. Does that give you a kick?
I believe that you have to be the right person at the right time in the movies. I guess today these filmmakers are writing subjects for younger heroes. They’ve worked with all the superstars who are in a particular age bracket. Now they probably want to explore ideas or want to tell stories which need younger actors. Today of course, you have Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan, Harman Baweja and Prateik. They have quite a choice. I just feel that I’m the right guy at the right time. I’m humbled that such good filmmakers want to work with me, that slowly I am ticking off from my list the names of filmmakers I aspired to work with. It only makes me greedy to want to do better and bigger stuff in the future.

 Coming to your personal life, talk is that Deepika Padukone and you are back together.
No. Deepika and I shared a lovely relationship. Everyone knows we’re not in a relationship anymore. There’s no negativity between us. Deepika, I’ve always maintained, is one of the most amazing girls I’ve met. She’s a good person, a great talent, she works hard and she comes from a good family. And the respect I have for her, she has for me. We have common friends, sometimes when we go out we bump into each other. If she does good work in a movie, I’ll call her up and tell her, she calls me for her movie trials, I do the same. It’s a relationship I’ve made for life. If I’m not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her, we’re definitely friends. And I’d like to maintain that all my life.

 Even after the two of you broke up, you’ve kept in touch, right?
Of course. You have to be mature and deal with these things as sensitively as possible. In the end, she’ll always get more flak than the guy. That’s the unfairness of this society.  So you need to be sensitive. And when things are fine, when the troubled waters under the bridge have calmed down, you can start a friendship with your ex. It’s possible.

 You’re being linked to Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra these days…
I’ve always been open whenever anyone has asked me whether I’m in a relationship. And now when I say I’m not in a relationship you should respect that. Katrina and I have done two films (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti) together. Our first film together was a big hit, so people regard us as this hit onscreen couple. But if tomorrow we have a flop, people will not cast us together. It’s as simple.

 People are whispering about Priyanka chopra and you too.
Priyanka and I have just completed  Anjaana Anjaani. She’s a great actress, we all know that. She is a very good person and we really gelled. When I work in a movie, I don’t say I won’t be friendly with my co-star because I don’t want to deal with stories of linkups. I want a happy atmosphere on the sets. I want the atmosphere to be such that we just sit and talk about the movie we’re doing or about life. Just because you’re friendly with someone you’re spending a hundred days on the sets with, doesn’t mean you’re having a physical or an emotional relationship with that person. They are just two colleagues who are hanging together, discussing life and discussing movies.

 Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
No, never. And I don’t think I ever will. That’s something I’ll never do. It also depends on what kind of a relationship you are in. Sometimes two people don’t end a relationship because they are in a comfort zone. They just go on. Then someone comes along and it’s alleged that that person is the reason for their breaking up. But that third person only got noticed because things between the two of them were not working. If they were then they would not notice anyone else. No third person can break a relationship. If a relationship is working nothing can break it

Ranbir goes shirtless!

10 06 2010

If anyone spotted this hottie walking around shirtless on the streets of Delhi… don’t blame the poor lad.

Reason it with the lovely ladies instead. Recently, when Ranbir Kapoor was in the capital city to promote his latest release, the crowds (read: the women) were quite uncontrollable. Well, hysterical, to be more correct.

Apparently, they reached out for Ranbir and almost managed to rip apart his shirt, and a few buttons went missing too. While he didn’t look too perturbed by this frenzy, he was whisked away well in time to a much safer ‘lady-less’ zone.

We think this boy is used to a lot more female attention and this wasn’t too hot to handle. Was it, RK?

Neha doesn’t like size zero Kareena!

10 06 2010

We were chatting up with Neha Dhupia on ZOOM recently darlings and discussing what looks good on women and what doesn’t, when we were startled to hear an observation.

Neha actually said that while she felt that Kareena Kapoor has one of the best bodies in Bollywood, she didn’t quite think too much of the ‘size zero’ body she’d achieved. “Yes, I know it became iconic and all that, but I think Kareena looked her best in Jab We Met. The size zero is not so healthy.

And Indian women’s curves are so hot. We have the best bodies. Kareena looks better now than before. All these six-pack and eight-pack abs for guys and size zero for girls is all nonsense. It’s unhealthy.” Well well well. Will Bebo take this as a compliment? Let’s find out.


Imran follows Aamir!

10 06 2010

Talking about movie promotions, Imran Khan is definitely following his mamoo’s footsteps. He gives his heart and soul to his roles, alright. But it doesn’t end with that.

He knows it’s crucial to be seen and heard at the right time. And for the right reasons, of course. Yep, Imran is willing to do anything it takes to give I Hate Luv Storys a lavish publicity.

Well, a little extra push never hurts, does it? He’s shooting in Mauritius for Kunal Kohli’s movie, but he will be heading back home soon to catch up with the promotions of his new release.

He has promised to give at least 14-15 hours for any activity related to the movie. Wonder if the boy is seeking marketing genius, aka mamoo’s expert advice. Well, it seems like he will do anything to make this love story work. Imran’s rivals might, but we’re not gonna hate him for that ever. So go on, boy…

Koffee with Karan coming soon!!

10 06 2010

Ace Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar has confirmed that he is coming back to the small screen with the third season of his popular celebrity chat show “Koffee With Karan”.

“I am indeed doing season three of ‘Koffee With Karan’. Hopefully, with new lovers, new enemies and new questions. I am doing it and I am very excited. It will be on air in August or September,” Karan told.

“Koffee With Karan” was first aired in 2004, followed by the second season in 2007. The show saw Karan in some candid conversations with celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra – most of whom are his friends.

The filmmaker, who is looking forward to the release of his home production “I Hate Luv Storys” July 2, was in the capital Wednesday to host Chivas Studio Spotlight as the brand ambassador of Chivas Regal.